Lee Wilbur
IT Solutions
A service of Multiverse Enterprises Inc.

Before you look elsewhere, keep in mind, you are choosing a Professional with more than 12 years of experience supporting all versions of Windows and Windows servers on hardware ranging from obsolete 286 systems to today's fastest multi-core processors. A person with multiple Microsoft Certifications, A+ and Server+ certifications and who, as of July 1, 2006 was chosen as a Microsoft MVP (1 of about 50 world-wide Windows Server - Networking MVPs; less than 30 in the United States) for providing support to others, both as a professional and through online forums. And only I or a colleague I have complete trust in will service your systems.

I provide free, no charge support through web technical support forums including www.experts-exchange.com and www.tek-tips.com. These two sites have a significant number of qualified people who can help guide you to a resolution for your problem. If you are unsuccessful in resolving your issue through this site, you can contact me for further on-site or remote assistance.

If you need assistance, rates are as follows:

Basic Hourly Rate (8am-11pm, M-F) $150

Basic Hourly Rate (11pm-8am, M-F), Business Addresses Only; At Our Discretion $180

Basic Hourly Rate (Federal Holidays) $210

Remote Control Assistance Hourly Rate $150

Monthly Service Plans Contact Us

Specific Upgrades and Installs See below

Discount For: Percent

Home Users and Home-based Businesses operating out of owner's residence 50% $75

Most Non-Profit Organizations 40% $90

Most Charities (recognized 501(c)3 organizations) 40% $90

Referal Discounts:
Clients who refer other clients and even their own employees will get discounts off their hourly rate, up to 40% over 6 months. (see below for details).

20% Discount for each Business class client (clients with non-residential addresses)

10% Discount for each Home User class client (including home-based businesses and the employees of a business class client)

Business class referrals must utilize 5 or more billable hours and pay their first bill on-time. Home user clients must utilize 2 or more billable hours and pay at the time of servicing. Upon receipt of timely payment by your referal, the discount will be applied retroactive to the point at which your current bill began and last for 6 months from that date.

Specific Services:**

On-Site Network Evaluation
Inspection of your servers, workstations, printers, and network to ensure all systems are operating in a cost effective manner. This includes inspection of server settings and event logs in a server-based network and a verbal recommendation of upgrades, if any. Available to Businesses only.

Memory (RAM) Upgrade/Install $20

Network/Video/Sound Card Upgrade/Install $20

CD/DVD Drive Upgrade/Installation $30

Install additional hard drive $30

Wireless Network Installation with Security Enabled $60

Spyware/Virus Removal*** max $100

Upgrade (Replace) existing hard drive $100

Upgrade to Windows XP or Windows Vista
Includes backup and fresh installation of Windows including drivers, antivirus software, antispyware, office suite. Additional software and/or hardware installation may be extra. Does not include Windows Upgrade Software CD or license.
max $250

*Based on service during 8am to 11pm window.
**Minimum on-site charges may apply. Available to residential and home-based businesses only, unless otherwise noted.
***Maximum 3 hours will be spent attempting removal. No charge if removal is not apparently successful. Partial fee may be charged for partial success.
Minimum charge for any on-site work is one hour at the effective hourly rate

All rates subject to change without notice!