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Online Security and Antivirus Tools

The following is a list of various online security tools you can use to help ensure your computer is fully up-to-date and clean of malware. I have NOT verified the validity of any of the sites, however, I am reasonably familiar with each product and to the best of my knowledge at this time, they are not otherwise trying to mislead you into installing malware on your computer. The list is in no particular order and I do not explicitly recommend any of them. They are posted here merely for your convenience. Be sure to read the instructions, warnings, and any licensing agreements prior to running their services.

As with any security sotware, installed or online, you should be aware that not all malware and security issues can be found by all programs. New malware often cannot be detected until at least one person has been infected. You may be that paitent zero - the first infection found. Probably not - but it could happen. And even if you're not, the makers of the products and services below often will require samples sent by you or caught through their systems on the internet in order to analyze and come up with a remedy for them.

Important - while these sites all provide online services, most if not all will utilize technologies that require some kind of program to run on your computer. Typically, these programs are in an ActiveX (Internet Explorer only) or Java (most web browsers) application. The sites below should note when your computer, for whatever reason, cannot run their online tools.

Don't believe the hype. Like the flu, many computer viruses come in variants. Some people may consider the flu and all it's variants to be one virus, while others consider each unique varient to be a unique virus. Antivirus software companies are similar. Some will consider all the variants of one computer virus to be essential the same virus while others will count each individual variant. As a result, one company may say they protect you from 75,000 different viruses and another may say they protect you from 150,000 and yet they will both protect you from roughly the same viruses because one is counting variants and the other is not.

If you know of an online scanner not listed, discover any links that no longer work or have questions and/or comments about this page, my site, or me, please contact me.
Note: I do not post scanner links to products by companies I am unfamiliar with but I will research any link sent to me.

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Last Update: January 4, 2007