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Lee Wilbur is a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator and Microsoft Certified Professional. Other certification credentials include Comptia A+ and Server +. In addition, Mr. Wilbur was named a Microsoft Most Valueable Professional in July of 2006, renewed in July of 2007.

Mr. Wilbur has been working with and learning computers since the 1989. In 1993, he started working professionally in the Information Technology field as a technician for a major biomedical research institution in Cold Spring Harbor, New York (Long Island). After 5 years, he was promoted to Systems Administrator he would oversee the Windows portion of a network serving over 1000 users in two locations. During his tenure, he implemented two Windows based file server clusters as well as co-developed a company wide web calendar database application, still in use today.

Since 1994, Mr. Wilbur has been providing consulting services to home users and small businesses, helping with various versions of Windows as well as install networks, point-of-sale systems, and servers, among other business technologies. In July of 2004, Mr. Wilbur left his full time administration position to pursue consulting full time. His clients currently include an Art Management firm in Manhattan, a construction company based in Long Island, Attorneys, Accountants, a Retail Services company in Long Island, as well as several home users. Mr. Wilbur has also done work for Software companies and a subsidiary of a major New York newspaper.

In 2005, Mr. Wilbur began publishing technical articles for others. His first on Backup was re-published at www.adminprep.com. In the September 2007 issue of Smart Computing magazine, Mr. Wilbur co-authored an article on Managed Internet Security Services. Mr. Wilbur has several other articles on learning, managing, and troubleshooting technology issues on this web site as well.

No single consultant can know it all - technology changes too fast. To ensure a full level of service, Mr. Wilbur maintains relationships with past colleagues, other consultants, and MVPs with expertise in other areas. When necessary, these professionals can be called upon to further assist in resolving your issues or to provide additional services such as Web Site Design.

Contact Mr. Wilbur now to learn how I might help your computers and network at 631.350.1626 or via e-mail.

Mr. Wilbur actively participates in numerous local groups, programs, and internet forums, including:

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