Lee Wilbur
IT Solutions
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Lee Wilbur started working with computers as a teenager. His very first computer was a generic 80286 running at 12 MHz, with 640K of RAM. Over time, and with computer upgrades, Lee taught himself much.

Eventually he was helping the administrative offices of a movie theater he worked at and less than 4 years after getting his first computer, he was working at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory as a technician, fixing PCs and networking computers running DOS and Windows 3.1. By 1998, Lee was promoted to managing all the Windows servers running at the laboratory, and by the time he left in 2004, his accomplishments included the successful implementation of two Windows clusters, creation of a web calendar system used company wide, and the migration of a Windows NT 4 network to a Windows 2000 network with minimal interruption to the user.

In July, 2006, Mr. Wilbur was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for my continued contributions in the area of Windows Networking, primarily by assisting those asking for help through online communities. (For more information on the MVP program, see http://mvp.support.microsoft.com or this ComputerWorld article).

No single consultant can know it all - technology changes too fast. To ensure a full level of service, Lee maintains relationships with past colleagues and other consultants with expertise in other areas. When necessary, these professionals can be called upon to further assist in resolving your issues or to provide additional services such as Web Site Design.

Since 1995, Lee and his associates have provided consulting services to dozens of home users and small and medium size businesses. His clientele has included small retail chains, small offices, and a major biotechnology companies, implementing and maintaining Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, Windows domains, and wireless and wired networks.

Contact me now to learn how I might help your computers and network at 631.350.1626 or via e-mail.