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2.10 Corrections to RAID 10/0+1 descriptions with input from colleague at www.tek-tips.com
2.11 Minor programming changes and additions.
2.12 Minor additions, including comment on being in compliance with government regulations and recommended file system type for use with external hard drives, minor spelling/grammatical corrections, added links to contents section at each section title, added this history information. Added a couple of Exchange links.
2.121 VERY minor addition to Contents - included "Compression" under Software.
2.13 Cosmetic changes as the page was directly incorporated into my web site.
2.20, July 16, 2006 Added information on Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape and Backup Networks. Added point to Analyzing Your Needs regarding Backup Windows. Expanded on the value of computers. Added information on pros and cons of Flash drives. Added summary of best cost per GB for each major media type.
2.21, August 8, 2006 Added three links regarding Unix Backups
2.211, August 29, 2006 Rearranged a small amount of text in the area of Media Types, adding the header "Other Things to Consider"
2.3, September 20, 2006 Included section on Restores. Added links to System State backups. Activated tape links.
2.4, October 5, 2006 Added two factors to Analyzing your needs - Physical Location of equipment and People. Included a more detailed intro paragraph to this section and provided a link back to an eweek article on the subject of Disaster Recovery.
2.401, November 7, 2006 Added online backup service from http://www.datapreserve.com/
2.402, December 5, 2006 Added link to my batch backup script beta for download. Also added online backup service from http://www.carbonite.com/
2.403, March 12, 2007 Added online backup service from http://www.abacusbackups.com/
2.404, March 20, 2007 Added note about Alaskan $38 Billion unavailable backups in Testing section.
2.405, May 26, 2007 Removed a dead link and replaced it with another (working) link in the Active Directory Links section.
2.406, August 27, 2007 Added link to a Microsoft Support WebCast on Active Directory Disaster Recovery.
3.0 (in progress - hope to have the page up in a few days)